June 24, 2017


Supported in Part by the Onion ipmPIPE and USDA-NIFA-SCRI Project No. 2010-01193

Onion ipmPIPE Impacts (June, 2012)


The mission of the IPM PIPE is to realize a dynamic, integrated national system facilitated by information technology that provides centralized, useful tools with reliable information for IPM practitioners.  Our vision is to develop the IPM PIPE to help maximize economic returns, and improve social welfare and environmental health by promotion of efficient and coordinated IPM decision support systems.


2013 Onion Pest Strategic Plan

Note: This document was revised in 2013 from the 2004 PMSP for Dry Bulb Storage Onions in Western States and the 2005 PMSP for the Michigan Onion Industry to represent input from and strategy of the U.S. Onion Industry for 2013 – 2022.