June 23, 2017

Chris Cramer – NM State Commentary – Onion ipmPIPE

2013NewMexicoCommentary (07-12-13)

New Mexico Commentary

Onion Crop Growth Stage and Status Last Modified: 07/12/13

The spring sown-crop onion crop is now at growth stage 7-10 with harvest drawing to a close in

the coming weeks. Bulb yields and quality have been good as environmental conditions have

been ideal, albeit warm, necessitating frequent irrigations (every 5-7 days until dry down for



Weather Impacts (temperature, rain, hail, freezing) Last Modified: 07/12/13

Temperatures have been in the high 90s with the onset of the monsoon season. Temperatures

may decrease in the coming weeks with increased cloud cover. There has been very little

accumulated rainfall for any given location, although some locations have received trace

amounts. The monsoon season has begun, increasing the chances of rain as harvest finishes up.

Temperature Outlook* [2 – 4 weeks]: Normal

Precipitation Outlook* [2 – 4 weeks]: Below Normal

*Courtesy of Planalytics, Inc.


Insect Scouting, Outlook and Management Last Modified: 07/12/13


Thrips numbers (adult and juvenile) averaged 1 to 18 per plant in the remaining three

unharvested sentinel plots. Thrips numbers have increased as harvest approaches.


Some minor leaf miner damage has been reported in some sentinel plots. In addition, some

storm (hail and wind) damage has also been reported.


Disease Scouting, Outlook and Management Last Modified: 07/12/13

Iris yellow spot virus

No reports at this time

Soil-borne Diseases (Damping Off, Pink Root, Fusarium)

Pink root has become more apparent in some sentinel plots as harvest draws nearer. However,

losses appear to be small.

Fungal Diseases (purple blotch, downy mildew, Botrytis)

No surveys or reports at this time

Bacterial Diseases (Xanthomonas, center rot, soft rots)

No surveys or reports at this time


State Contact for Project

Chris Cramer

Professor of Horticulture

New Mexico State University


Collaborators: Mark Uchanski*, Mike Petersen

*Starting June 01, 2013 Mark Uchanski will serve as the state contact (uchanski@nmsu.edu).