June 23, 2017

Dan Drost – Utah State Commentary – Onion ipmPIPE

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Utah Commentary

Onion Crop Growth Stage and Status Last Modified: 10/05/12

Growers have completed harvests for the year. Field preparation is beginning for 2013.Weather Impacts (temperature, rain, hail, freezing) Last Modified: 10/05/12

Weather conditions over last two weeks above normal. Day temperatures were in 70’s and nights cooling into the 40’s. No rain or severe weather experienced. Several hard freezes occurred over first weekend in October.


Insect Scouting, Outlook and Management Last Modified: 09/09/12


No information to report.


No information to report.


No information to report.


Disease Scouting, Outlook and Management Last Modified: 10/05/12

Iris yellow spot virus

No information to report.

Soil-borne Diseases (Damping Off, Pink Root, Fusarium)

No information to report.

Fungal Diseases (purple blotch, downy mildew, Botrytis)

No information to report.

Bacterial Diseases (Xanthomonas, center rot, soft rots)

No information to report.Onion Specialist Daniel Drost Professor of Horticulture Utah State University Email: dan.drost@usu.edu


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