June 24, 2017

Talks & Publications

Article:  PMS_NAULTetal._2012

Brian A. Nault, Cynthia L. Hsu and Christine A. Hoepting.  2012.

Consequences of co-applying insecticides and fungicides for managing Thrips tabaci (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on onion.

Pest Mgmt. Sci.  (wileyonlinelibrary.com) DOI 10.1002/ps.3444




Article: AGEE4407-Buckland-et-al 2013

Effects of nitrogen fertility and crop rotation on onion growth and
yield, thrips densities, Iris yellow spot virus and soil properties
K. Buckland, J.R. Reeve, D. Alston, C. Nischwitz, D. Drost